I am currently a part-time photographer based in Seattle. I have been interested in photography since i was a young boy, all of 20 years ago, when I got my first camera; a Pentax P3n. It amazes me that this camera goes for $12 now on eBay. Such a bummer given what I paid for it then.

When I first started out I was interested in any kind of picture taking; nature, the sky, random birds flying. I have since honed my interests and abilities into portraits, be it fashion, glamour, beauty, boudoir, or anything which strikes my interest.. I enjoy making a person look their most beautiful, taking the light that shines inside and have it gleam out for everyone else to see.

Why part-time photographer you may ask? My main job is a business intelligence consultant for a small company in Redmond, WA. As boring as it may sound, I am also an artist with data, manipulating it meet the needs of customers. I perform the same visual mastery with data as I do with my camera, though I do have to admit the people in front of my camera look a lot better than most data I see. I need to pay the bills somehow!

Currently I am doing private portrait sessions and can be found around town with my camera from time to time. If you are looking for a photo session, contact me for more info. I'd love to chat. You can also reach me on any of the networks listed below.

Thanks for reading up on me, send me a note so I know more about you.


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